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About Us

How to Join

Membership Fee

In order to facilitate future activities and strengthen the sense of solidarity amongst member cities, Mayors for Peace introduced an annual Membership Fee in 2015. We ask each member city to pay a Fee of 2,000 Japanese yen every year.
The collected Membership Fees will be allocated toward new and existing projects listed on the Mayors for Peace Action Plan 2017-2020. We deeply appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation. Membership Fee details are specified below.

1. Amount: 2,000 Japanese Yen per city, per year (about 19 USD/16 Euro as of March 9, 2018)

2. Due date: December 31st, 2018

3. Payment Methods*

  1. (1) Online payment by credit card: Free of bank transfer fees
    • (2) Payment via bank transfer: We ask cities which choose this option to add in all receiving bank charges to the membership fee
      • Note 1: In addition to the Japanese receiving bank charges, we request that your city bear intermediary bank charges and any local bank charges as well. Please indicate that all remittance charges will be “paid by the remitter”.
      • Note 2: Member cities which choose to pay via bank transfer can access the document, “2018 INVOICE (for bank transfer)”, for their records.
      • Note 3: If necessary, the billing name and address can be changed as needed by your city.

Please note that international drafts or bank cheques cannot be accepted.
Unfortunately, international drafts/bank cheques of less than 6,500 JPY (about 62 USD/51 Euro as of March 9, 2018) cannot be accepted by banks in Japan as bank charges would exceed the amount you would like to remit.

4. Membership Fees for previous years

If your city has not paid their Membership Fee in previous years, we ask your city to pay the total amount owed for each unpaid year since 2015. Please also notify us by email of your payment, specifying what years the payment is for.

5. Please contact the Mayors for Peace Secretariat in the following cases*:

  1. (1) When your city would like to be exempt from Fee payment

    In cases that meet provisions 3 and 4 of Article 2 of the Guidelines for the Handling of Mayors for Peace Membership Fees, member cities can be exempt from annual fee payments.

  2. (2) When your city has difficulty paying the Membership Fee

Please note that we ask cities in either of these situations to contact the Secretariat each and every year they are so affected.

6. Links to other documents

Request for the 2018 Mayors for Peace Membership Fee (From the President of Mayors for Peace)

Fiscal Year 2017 Financial Results

Mayors for Peace is dedicated to supporting and creating initiatives to realize lasting world peace and nuclear weapons abolition. Member cities will not lose their membership if they do not pay the membership fee. However, we hope that even if some cities are unable to pay membership fees, they will continue to work together with the Mayors for Peace network toward this aim. We deeply appreciate your city’s continued support and understanding of our activities.