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About Us

How to Join

1. Registration Process

1) If your city/municipality would like to join us, please send a “Registration Form” to the Secretariat.

  • Registration Form(pdf)
  • Registration Form(Word)

2) The Secretariat registers its new member cities once a month (around the 20th).

3) Date of affiliation is the 1st day of the month following the date registration procedures are completed by the Secretariat. “Certification of Membership” will be sent out to newly affiliated cities after the date of affiliation.

2. Membership Fee

2,000 yen/year

However, when deemed appropriate, Member Cities can be exempt from fee payment. Member Cities will not lose their membership if they do not pay the fee.

  • (The introduction of an annual membership fee of 2,000 JPY for each city was approved at the 8th General Conference, held in 2013 and implementation began in the fiscal year 2015.)

3. Member Cities’ Activities (Examples)

1) Promote the petition drive calling for all states to join the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons as soon as possible

2) Hold peace-related events such as the Mayors for Peace Atomic Bomb Poster Exhibition and share reports

3) Invite mayors of your sister cities and neighboring cities who are not yet members to join Mayors for Peace

4) Attend the General Conference

Detail of the Mayors for Peace
Mayors for Peace Document Pack

Invite mayors to join

Please invite mayors who are not yet members of Mayors for Peace to join us.

[Letters of request to join Mayors for Peace]